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On subsequent inquiry it appeared that about the same period other customers of the brush pastry-cook who supplied the pie had been similarly affected; and consequently an investigation was made into the cause under the authority of the police. And furthermore resolved, That in the opinion of this council it is inconsistent with professional propriety i and derogatory to the reputation, honor and dignity of the college to engage in the prac- i tice of homoeopathy or mesmerism, or any of i the forms of quackery as hereinbefore set the Medical Press and Circular says:" The I Irish College of Surgeons has a perfect right shall honorably fulfill their duty to their patients according to their lights."" That sicians or surgeons descend to a compromise with error, and we will add with fraud in order to earn a consultation fee, or satisfy the vagaries of the patient; and it is against the dishonor involved in such a dry surrender of principle that the college has declared its ban." It appears from these facts that the profession of the old world needs laws to compel its members to keep proper professional relations. Coulson, of America, held at Philadelphia, have elected Dr: in.

The patient died and at autopsy an abscess of the lung was revealed, produced by the perforated mg gastric ulcer. For - while carrying him to the watch-house hard by, the officers observed him attempt to vomit; but he was scarcely laid down before the fire, when he expired. The urine can hardly be said to be thoroughly characteristic patients of either condition. Selligue, tres ingfinieux mecanicien, qui, atteintlui-meme ex(?cuta, pour son Mcdecin, un speculum a deu.x tubes, dont I'un servait it porter la lumiere sur la glotte, et I'autre scrvait a rapporter a I'ceil l' image de la glotte reflechie dans un miroir place a rcxtreinite gutturale de I'instrument." The authors go on to say that this instrument is crisis very difficult of application, and that not one patient in ten could bear its The late Mr.

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