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I have mg seen six or seven cases of poisoning from wood alcohol. Effects - because they have certain characteristics in common these two outflows are classed together as the bubo-sacral (sometimes called the parasympathetic) division of the autonomic nervous system.

His methods may be clean, but body this is not true of the majority of them. Over the swollen part the skin was greatly thickened, but there was no adhesion to the underlying tissue, except on london the fingers, which felt' sclerodermatous.' The whole arm was of a dusky-red colour, with depigmented areas, giving it a mottled aspect. Disease almost always produces it, in which there has been a chronic and excessive suppuration, but not indispensible, "skin" as some very grave cases of the kind have occurred without previous suppuration. Patients - but if the destruction involves only the gray matter of the cord, it will not disturb those impulses which pass through either the crossed or uncrossed tracts of the cord at the level of the lesion, but only those whose paths entered the gray matter and cross the cord. Many who have proposed agents for the treatment of inflammatory troubles in the cavity of the uterus have seemed to labor under the idea that the only method of curing these inflammatory lesions was by destroying the mucous membrane in for which they originated. It is consequently believed that if a skeletal muscle fiber contracts- at all, it buy does so to the full extent to which it is capable. This eruption may become diffuse and spread over a great portion of the body, generally, however, restricted to the upper half, but the (bUicuhir arrangement "sickle" is always visible. The dressings were changed three or with four times and the gauze was saturated. Cell - there is a disease frequent in coal-miners, called carbonaceous lungs or Black Phthisis, in which there is no tubercle, but a deposition and infiltration of lamp-black or carbon in a finely molecular form, and which gives rise to cavities and disorganization of the pulmonary tissue, also commencing at the apex. The bristles adjustment of the strength and degree of muscular movement consequently depends on bringing into action the proper number of muscle fibers. Kelley removed all the dress ing and found the nose alive and united,' except a small triangular notch in the right ala, which was so badly bruised as to cause The time the nose remained off disease was about one hour, which fact renders this case a most important one for the medical profession. I shall not speak of those conditions of the tonsil which are symptomatic of general disease, or erysipelas, the eruptive fevers, and traumatism, but simply of 500 those varieties which are classed under the general head of acute tonsillitis, viz. In - the amount of work done shows great activity for so young a society. Studies have also been made to determine the frequency of occurrence of the different tN-pes in of Tj'pe III, while on the other hand, in a very small nuniber of cases, Types I and II (brush). To my mind, the most satisfactory approach to of an exact, explanation of the cause of incontinence, is given by Dr. Being a representation of" the external and internal appearances of the tubera in hydrea their different stages, and the ultimate stage is shown by the largest tuber, which had destroyed the peritoneal tissue of the liver, and protruded in the form of a by the dissemination through the liver substance of small nodules, occurrence of punctiform deposition of inelanic pigment, has already been referred to. I would dry like to have some suggestions from members of the Society as to what may be done for his relief. If increase in the H-ion concentration does affect the heart during muscular exercise, it must act by inhibiting the vagus treatment tone, which is opposite to the action which it is usually believed bringing about a greater mass movement of blood during muscular exercise. This is partly because the pulmonary vessels become dilated and the bloodflow through the lungs is favored, and partly because of the influence of the reserve capsules and supplemental airs on the tension of the arterial blood gases during the respiratory cycle.


Should the stomach be much cactus unsettled, and the pain violent, we may depend upon the immediate use of an injection to open the bowels; and give by the mouth antacids and carminatives. It is anemia pre-eminently a clinical work.

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