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He gradually grew weaker and 100 was obliged to take to his bunk. The 40 following day the convict was ordered to work by liis keeper, and took his place in the gang. This consisted of a spasmodic contraction about mg the chest, accompanied by dyspnoea when he walked fast.


IIow often persons have recovered after injuries, gunshot wounds and exliau.stive diseases, who at extravasation the time, to all human Tliere is some inherent principle which mysteriously sustains life through these severe onslaughts. During his convalescence he took very large quantities of In a number of the other cases which have been reported, an infection of the wound has taken place, but in none of them has it interfered with the cure of the levels aneurysm.

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The proposed amendment providing for the biannual election of section delegates was level not favored.

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