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This remarkable deduction points to a possibility of the dis-' coverj of a method of inoculation by which the para venom of syphilis will be neutralized, and protection from it be obtained, as complete as we now have against small-pox. To raise the vacuum the electrode of the bulb and the cathode are connected to the induction coil: sod. Our present change is in the direction of plainness and distinctness, yet not devoid of ornament We hope it will be received kindly by our readers (emulgel). Eyr, die arztlielie Mitwirknng bei Zubilligung von Entschadigungen an Unfallversichei te und ii her den schiitllichen Einfluss der Kranken, und Unfallver.sicherung von zwei L;indchirurgeii, iiei der Behimdlung eines durch TTel)ei f'alireu mit cinem Sti inwageii Verletzten, vt i iihten gesetzliehe Ablassung der gericlitliclien Frage iiber Beschadigungen, deren sogenamitcu Graden nnd Arten of view of Russian legislation.) Med (tablets). Finally, strict attention should be paid usa to the hygienic condition of the surroundings of the patient. He recommended that in any case of acute cholecystitis during an attack of typhoid fever, good results would be obtained by placing the patient on exclusive rectal feeding, giving an ounce of concentrated predigested food dissolved in three ounces of physiological salt solution every four hours and the administration of large quantities of salt uk Dr. " Anti-Humbug" assumes a ic certain form of academical persecution too.


When treatment is indicated, fiyat Dr. Eice divides into ec three groups. Voltaren - presenting the original portable apparatus it was especially stated that it could not furnish results of the jihysiologieal importance that could be obtained with a complete respiration calorimeter, which yields simultaneously measurements of carbon-dioxide i)roduction. In a large percentage for of these instances the information has probably been volunteered by the parent or guardian that the child had been to the"moving picture show" during the preceding afternoon or evening. Why, for instance, should it for a moment be supposed, that in nature there is, under the name of quinine, an absolute specific for malignant malaria? no one can give any reason at all why quinine should be a specific for malaria, 75 or how it acts upon the organism of malaria. I am interested in that particular point that the Doctor just sodium mentioned.

Gibbes thinks there can be no doubt that the cold-air treatment he proposes will keep down the high temperature of typhoid fever, and so greatly lessen the As the temperature of typhoid-fever patients is generally higher during the night than during the day, the cold-air treatment can be more easily carried out than the cold-bath treatment, especially as the in nursing staff is diminished in numbers during that time, and assistance can not easily be obtained.

Of - bfitrilge zitr Atiatomie nnd Fliysiologie.

Chalmet does not claim originality: is. He is responsible for -supervision of the gel sick students and in any event is always infoi-med of all oases of illness. About two j-ears previously, whilst making a great muscular exertion, he suddenly e.xperienced extreme difficulty of breathing; at the same time a noise was heard on inspiration (the).

In the Krst "el" was a very unimportant structure as compared with the clitoris. One child that had come under his observation passed only three per cent, what in two hours and yet recovered; such a result rarely occurred in an Dr.

Ash, for advanced tuberculosis, and McCrae and Punk' of the Jefferson Hospital, Philadelphia, a diagnosis of advanced pulmonary tuberculasis, The symptoms, I suppose, which suggested tuberculo.sis were mg cough, dyspnoea, hemoptysis, and dullness upon percussion.

Such examination discloses in the first metatarsals, and occasionally also in the phalanges, a cystoid degeneration, which starts in the epiphysis, extends to the articular cartilage, and after perforating it allows the discharge of the cystic contents into the joint, thus producing an acute"perforative synovitis." The resulting fistulous openings are generally minute and readily escape detection, as do the cysts themselves so long as they are of small size and concealed by fat marrow: used. It is a matter of common experience with all ophthalmologists who use the you ordinary Snellen test cards furnished by the various opticians in tliis city, that very many patients appear, when tested, to have better than normal vision.

Conrad Gesner eulogised the thermal waters of Switzerland; Hoffman, those of Germany; Allen and Lyster celebrated the waters of Bath and Buxton, while Boyle sketched a Since that period, the most illustrious names in the French galaxy of science have been mixed up with the numerous researches, chemical and medical, which have ingredients taken place from time to time, to elucidate the composition and virtues of the French mineral waters.

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