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Temporizing and hoping and waiting for nature's cure is a relic syrup of the days of miracles when medical science was ignored and the patients were treated by empirical methods. Same, no stimulant matter where applied.

The rest of the blood, during the intervals between successive periods of digestion, tablets is devoid of sugar. It would stay with us, obstinate and immovable, if every general practitioner should become an expert in uses tuberculosis. Spirocheta phagedenis incites a slight inflammatory reaction in the skin of a Macacus rhesus monkey and in the "the" skin and testicles of rabbits. Disinfection with alcohol alone was less effective than with alcohol plus iodine: 4mg. So, in figuring out the relationship of worry to arteriosclerosis, especially statistically, such cases (and they are numerous) should be buy taken into consideration. A graphical method is given for calculating the dose according to this law, taking into account the filter through which the effects rays may pass, whatever tlie units of intensity employed, be they those of Bordier, Sabouraud, or Guilleminot.


It poisons the nerves, and in consequence the weakness is out of proportion hydrochloride to the fever. Suppose an anthrax baciUus, vicious and virulent, invades the blood, what happens? The anthrax bacillus will feed and multiply in the blood, just as the lactic acid bacillus feeds and multiplies in milk, and it will so change it with its excretions, etc., that it will poison the cells of the body instead of nourishing them; the red river of life will become a river of death: for. Our knowledge was proved that the immunity conferred by immunizing sera or bacteria was due to a more extensive jihagocytosis, and that this increased phagocytosis was due to a modification of the serum of the animal, a condition caused by the presence of an immunizing agent: periactin. The former is distinguished, of course, by the pinpoint pupils and the marked slowing of the "over" respiration, coupled with the fact that the patient can be aroused to some slight extent in all cases save the most serious. She had been taken ill with sore throat one week before; it was stated that she had had one chill and pills possibly some fever.

The advantage of placing such an institution under public control, in that the press and the public in general would feel free to investigate and criticise its management is admitted, and they go so far as to grant that this is impracticable in the case of a hospital controlled and managed by a church or a religious order; but believe that all the benefits that might flow from free criticism could be obtained in the case of a hospital under the immediate control of this organization of charitable of Boston, is said to contemplate the establishment of a new hospital for the surgical treatment of diseases the Suffolk Jail, for several weeks for debt, at the instance of one of his creditors, was, last week, adjudged to be insane by Judge McKim, of the Probate Court, and released (can). Per kilogramme weight, urea and total phosphoric acid are greater than normal, incompletely appetite oxidized phosphoric acid less; the gain in urea being the greater, which indicates that the muscular trouble favors combustion.

We have recently had occasion to notice in these columns, other diploma-granting institutions" wholly outside of material regulations, forms or customs," into used the body of which it is to be hoped the Metaphysical College is not to be absorbed. Together with where copious and explanatory letter-press. Side - owing to the dangers attending an operation one should not be in a hurry to operate. Headache and taste of the ether are less than by the closed method, "gain" while conscious vomitTnj:;" occurs in only about one third of the cases. There is' a separate commission on lunacy (counter). The agglutinable strain produced from the inagglutinable entirely absorbed the agglutinins from a standard serum, and weight was also agglutinogeuic.

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