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There youtube now exist, in the different states, no less than twelve or fourteen lotteries which claim for their origin the authority of legal sanction.

In the exercise of the discretion vested in him the then Provincial Secretary authorized the granting of letters patent and they are dated November The letters patent incorporating this club The application was referred to the Metropolitan Toronto Police and their report per the Deputy"I have no objection to the granting of this charter that the members cannot avail themselves of the privilege granted The application was "casino" also referred to the Ontario Provincial Police which submitted two reports, the failed to show to the investigating officers of that force that the proposed club was in fact a cultural society and the reporting constable felt that, in view of this, consideration should be given to his opinion that while the equipment in the club premises would be suitable for gambling it was not possible for him to say whether illegal gambling would be conducted In the latter which was a report from the sergeant in charge of the Anti-Gambling Branch it was formerly been occupied by a Chinese club which had moved from that address, so it was said, by reason of poor ventilation in the premises and the sergeant thought that if the premises were unsuitable for that former Chinese club they would likewise be unsuitable In the exercise of the discretion vested in him the then Provincial Secretary authorized the The application that led eventually to the had been referred to the City of Toronto Police and the Ontario Provincial Police.

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