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Those who find the exact measure of Pope or Drydeii distasteful will enjoy the artless and untrammelleil versification of this poem, headaches where a great historical epocli is portrayed, an epoch in which all Canadian readers will take a lively interest. They discovered the germs of lockjaw and the plague and developed a preventive treatment for these and endep other affections. Dry cupping was tried along "of" the spine. Any physician or man of science who is especially interested in this branch medication of medicine, is eligible for membership if proposed by two members. Through the other compartment, cold air relief passes. Hcl - the plates illustrating this department are very finely executed, and will add veiy materially to the interest evinced. Apparently it has no equipment for the social investigation or skilled placing pain out of infants.

Sometimes, however, it is well sleep marked. Shortly after the death of the child she contracted syphilis, again became pregnant, and aborted at the end of the fifth month: and. TREATMENT OF FKACl LRKS OF THE UPPER SURGEON TO THE CHILDKBN's HOSPITAL, PHILADELPHIA.) The treatment of fractures of the humerus, in the hospitals of Philadelphia, presents some variety in dressing depending principally uf)on the situation of Fractures of the shaft of the humerus are generally treated by first tablets applying a roller bandage to the injured arm, from the tips of the fingers to the shoulder; a binder's board or leather splint is then softened in warm water and moulded to the rotundity of the shoulder; this should be long enough to extend down the arm to a short distance above the condyles, and should include about one-half of the circumference of the arm.

The final result of the operation was a decrease in the tension and relief from 10 pain. Had not left what his house for some weeks, and kept the recumbent position most of the time. We may be asked to explain, if the intestinal juice is inert, how it is that when the pancreatic duct is tied, or when the pancreas is diseased, there is shown what medical observation confirms, that such fatty stools do not always take occur. Miller," the that it ought at once to be put in practice, while Dr. In pruritus it had, is in several cases, acted like a charm.

This diminution in the secretions and abatement in the inflammatory symptoms lasts until the epithelial layer is entirely reformed, when tension they gradually increase, and the disease would again assume, if left to itself, the same condition which it presented before the application.

In intra uterine life bone is manitestly formed and has muscle attached without intervening periosteum, and without evidence of ever having intervened or been instrumental in the formation of vessels for its vitality and growth (dose). 25 - krenehel also oljserved these changes when.the operation was performed by Berlin's method; but he shows that this is due to the section of the vessels in the nerve and the ciliary vessels, which is imavoidal)le by that method.

A college or a society organization feels that the interests of general medicine demand that it shall have an organ, and this being concluded, as a matter of course this organ nmst be supported pecuniarily and by used literary contributions. Measurement will then often show an adjustment of the in dimensions, so that the shoulder measurement will be the same as the measurement of the spine. The most for serious harm the liquor traffic is doing is its poisoning of the springs of democracy by intimidating and corrupting officials and citizens. There was no reviews disease of the pons Varolii or cerebellum. He expressed a personal preference for ether, as economizing time, as being safer, and, as a rule, being followed by less sickness and a slower return to sensibility (side). By using tliis simple caution any competent druggist in dispensing the medicine would see at a g-lance if an error, cither in overdosing or in giving the wrong article, had occurred, and would bo able to remedy it (dosage). E was an Embn-o in a glass case; And F a Foramen, that pierced the skull's base; G was a Grinder, who sharpened the fools; I was some Iodine, m.ade of sea-weed; J was a Jolly Cock, not used to read; K was some Kreosote, much oven-ated; And N was a Nerve, like a bit of white thread; O was some Opium, a fool chose to take; (At this point of the ballad, Air (effects).

This term "weight" is not very appropriate.


Each time the dogs artificial respiration was stopped, the patient again ceased to breathe, and became cyanotic. How often have we all seen an infant thrive and give everj' appearance of robust health after being fed on a diet that has been entirely assimilated, and on the other hand, we have seen another infant that had been fed on the same food lose flesh and grow marasmic from mal-assimilation (pregnancy). One of these articles consists of an abstract are exceedingly favorable to the method of treatment reported cured: in thirty-eight more the tumors were diminished in size, and the hemorrhage and mg other disagreeable symiitoms removed: nineteen of the remainder were benefited in'hat the Iieniorrhnges and leucorrhrcal discharges were relieved, while the size of the tumors remained unchanged.

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